We Care for All of You

How perfect is that? Healing and fun! So the otter it is. But how to capture our desire to help everyone and in a comprehensive way? We have always strived to help patients become whole and to put back together what conventional medicine tends to break apart in to specialty pieces. Once you are done with the gastroenterologist, the neurologist, and the hematologist, who will put you back together and help you see that all your pieces work together and must be reconnected to achieve health and happiness? It sounds like the otter is perfect for that task. They are curious, cooperative and without suspicion. Otters hold each others’ hands when they sleep at night so that the group stays together and safe upon the ocean waves. We all can use that! So in an effort to link our hands with everyone else we chose to call our clinic Head to Toe Holistic Healthcare.We Care for All of You is our motto because it has several double meanings. We are holistic and comprehensive so we do take care of all aspects of you from your brain to your insides to your skin and your soul. (We also care for every bit of you in the sense of appreciating and accepting all aspects of our patients.) We also care for ALL of you in the sense that we treat all patients, young to old, male to female, and those who are ill to those who want to avoid becoming ill. We do care for all of you; everyone and in every aspect.
We have been told we are unique, and like to enjoy life.​

I know some of you are probably wondering why we chose the sea otter as our logo and clinic mascot. There are several reasons why this was the natural choice. For many years now, many of you have probably noticed that there have been a pair of “guard” sea otters living in the chart box on the exam room door at the old place. It was never used for charts and somehow the mamma and baby otter took up residence. They have kept a playful and watchful eye on all of us for so many years why not let the otters guide us? Otters are fun, clever and, as it turns out, are considered in Native American culture to represent feminine healing wisdom. Both the Native Americans and Celtics consider the otter to be masters of play as well as healers.

Head To Toe Holistic Healthcare, Naturopathic Medicine, and why we are like no other...

Head To Toe Holistic Healthcare


We are here to work with you on being as healthy and fulfilled as you can be.  

We firmly believe that being healthy, happy and having fun in life are keys to enjoying the journey we are all on.  As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, but also to support a person!

We Believe Black Lives Matter

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