• Neurocognitive Brain Therapy

  • Massage Therapy/Nutrition Counseling

  • iRest/Yoga Nidra Therapy

  • Naturopathic Dispensary

  • Humor Therapy

  • Lots of Otters

  • Naturopathic Medicine

  • Women's Health OB/Gyn 

  • Children's Wellness

Our Practitioners

We currently have two naturopaths, a nurse practitioner, a school psychologist, a massage therapist, and the neurocognitive brain center.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of comprehensive naturopathic care for all ages, craniosacral therapy, massage, nutritional counseling, iRest, and neurofeedback therapies. 

Our Philosophy

We are an alternative and naturopathic healthcare clinic that specializes in complimentary medicine practices.

Head To Toe Holistic Healthcare, L.L.C.


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We Care for All of You